Sarpatta Parambarai

Ranjith aims to bring the the Spike Lee brand of films to Tamil cinema, and he's just landed a solid punch towards the same.

Love Today

A crude, feature-length Tamil entry for the “Men will be Men” campaign.


An assuredly aesthetic film, and one that I couldn't feel for.

Manjummel Boys





Lokesh Kanagaraj

Here's an exciting director who is bringing much-needed enthusiasm to genre film-making in big-ticket Tamil cinema.

The Leftovers

2% of the world’s population vanishes. Picture Thanos’ snap, except the event is far less dramatic – no smoky fade outs, just… vanished. Deleted. Or in a more dignified tone that the show puts it in –Departed. But I personally like Patti Levin’s version more, where she calls it “the cluster-fuck of the modern era”. It is more out-there, very much like the overall behaviour of the show.