Hey there, folks.

Thanks for venturing out to this page of the website. Hope you’re having a good time in this place.

All of us have one or many things that help us function through our lives. They could be – a dream, a song, a plan, an idea, your work, a person or any damn thing. These are the reasons that get us off bed in the morning. They give a semblance of purpose to our existence. They can probably be termed as “the things we love”, but I’m wondering if we could do without articulating a definitive term here. Let’s just call them our “somethings”. The somethings that keep us going. The somethings that keep us wanting more of. Now if cinema happens to be one of your many somethings, this is an appropriate place to be.

I sowed this seed of a film review portal on Facebook in March 2013. You and I have watched it grow inconsistently over these nine years across various social media platforms, and here is where it stands now, hoping for more audience. I don’t know if there’s a specific direction it is heading in, but this is a new stepping stone.

Shoutout to homie Rohyn Rajesh, a reliable UX Designer who helped me build this WIP website. Over many months of my procrastination and sudden days of our binge-working, he’s been a patient and resourceful soul to see this project through. You can checkout his work here!

Akilan Nagarajan