Gulu Gulu

Gulu Gulu

This is a rather madcap entry to Tamil cinema’s own “spoof-verse”, if I may. It stands apart for how it tries to transcend genres while parodying alongside serious messaging. But for the most part, it isn’t successful in its attempt.

There’s prominent critiquing of the members of the ruling class going on in the film, with digs aimed at power-hungry cops, caste-flaunting house owners, and patriarchal fathers. The most effective attempts at social commentary come from the female characters. Vadivu exposing her father’s inability to differentiate between consensual and non-consensual exposure of her body, is quite a surprising change in a culture where a father-condemning-daughter joke is usually aimed to play at the male gallery. Matilda’s scathing comment about how her friend’s romantic desperation is no less perverted than an abuser makes for another complex point raised to good effect. But these instances do leave me wondering if they’d have at least registered the message better with a satirical tone rather than switching to a realistic one. Read full review at…


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