It is hard to come by superhero films that humanise the characters as much as Logan does. The satisfaction that this film gives is simply overwhelming. You’ll lose sight of the character-versus-film debate, as the screenplay treads this line so very well. Neither of them outweigh the other. Nowhere did the film feel smaller than the character. It flows just at the right pace, with the right amounts of both myth and fact.

There are so many moments that play down the adrenaline to extremely elegant results. Of course, there is the R-rated action that are as gory as one can get, but the “mass” appeal doesn’t feel engineered. It just comes out organically, along with the proceedings. There is no time spent in to-cool-to-look-at-the-blast slowmo walks, no EDM buildup, nothing. Simple lines like “you know the drill” do so much more than the bang-bang action we’ve been getting from this genre. And they do so much to a character who has been built purely on a gruff body language that made it look like badass attitude. But this is where he is given layers to his sketch. We are constantly reminded that there is something inside him that is failing. This acts as a metaphor for his broken self, and it has been put forth in the calmest ways possible. You see, this man is even beyond the phase where he is haunted by the demons of the past. He is older than one can even imagine. A lifetime of so many relationships, a lifetime of enemies, and an eternity of a curse – He’s faced it all. There’s just a couple more of his kind left on the planet, and he obviously has more problems with our kind. So in the future that we are shown, he is even beyond damaged. Hugh Jackman delivers an act of a lifetime in this final chapter of his journey as the Wolverine. He’s been the sole salvation factor of a very middling series. This time he’s got much more to do than just be an enraged lab rat. He has given a perfect tribute to the role that has been half his career. Patrick Stewart as Professor X, is amazing too. The line where he reveals to have probably spent the best night in years. This is where you connect with those wanting to be like us. We admire these superheroes for what we can’t do, but it is always hard-hitting when they reveal the depth and pain beneath those powers. Your small life could be someone else’s big dream, indeed. And this small film is a so very well realised dream from a big franchise.

On the whole, this film is a heartfelt send-off to a pop culture icon. It isn’t grand, but it is heavy. The story is predictable, but you care. You know the characters, but you want more pieces of their heads. Totally redeeming to watch a spotless film come out of this hotchpotch of a genre. Save up your tears and head to the theatres. This one is worth investing your emotions in.


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